• Boigraphies:

  • Who is Albert?

    Albert is a very stupid alien. All he can do is lose his human and let his brain slip away! He is always bugging Robert, and Robert is always mean back . . .
  • Who is Robert?

    Robert hates Albert. That's all we know about him. Oh, and he likes taking over the world, which he has done more than a few times.
  • Who is Buddy?

    Buddy is a strange bear who is taken by Robert and Albert, yet they do it again the next episode. . . .he thinks all his jokes are funny and doesn't seem to notice his wife hates him.
  • Who is Bogoth?

    Bogoth is a Gothic monster who hates everything and asks way too many questions . . and she hates music. And bears.
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About Invasion

Invasion is a series of Episodes that shows the life of two Aliens trying to have fun. One is Robert, and the other is Albert. They are brothers, and their last name “Supposedly” is Invasio. Brothers Albert and Robert Invasio do alot of crazy things. They steal a bear, multiple times . . . they meet of with Bogoth, a Gothic Monster, and other crazy things that you wouldn’t expect aliens to do.

Oh! By the way . . . When I joined Dvolver, I got an awesome prize! Look:


Enjoy everything! ~ QuickJump


2 Responses

  1. Rock on!!!


  2. I never met an alien I didn’t like.

    (Though some bears are kind of scary….)

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