• Boigraphies:

  • Who is Albert?

    Albert is a very stupid alien. All he can do is lose his human and let his brain slip away! He is always bugging Robert, and Robert is always mean back . . .
  • Who is Robert?

    Robert hates Albert. That's all we know about him. Oh, and he likes taking over the world, which he has done more than a few times.
  • Who is Buddy?

    Buddy is a strange bear who is taken by Robert and Albert, yet they do it again the next episode. . . .he thinks all his jokes are funny and doesn't seem to notice his wife hates him.
  • Who is Bogoth?

    Bogoth is a Gothic monster who hates everything and asks way too many questions . . and she hates music. And bears.
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Invasion is Complete!

Did anybody notice what I’ve done to Invasion? Bye-bye, horrible movie which stinks so bad, and hello the funniest series on the internet!

REAL LIFE NEWS: This morning, I watched a movie called “Ga-Ga Goo-Goo-Eye”. Who knew? 

Anyway, we are having trouble with ideas for the second movie for alien invasion. Anybody got any ideas? There will be credit where it is due . . .  


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  1. I saw your forum post.
    Im sorry you arent recieving many views.
    I recieve about 5000+ views a day, so I dont have this problem. I do not know how you can get more views.
    Sorry but nice site

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